July 13, 2017

The San Diego Union-Tribune: Which Beers Best Quench the Thirst of Extreme Athletes?

“‘I’m gluten intolerant. There are some pretty good beers that are gluten-free — Budweiser makes a pretty good one, Redbridge. Omission.’”

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July 12, 2017

Herald Sun: Beer Yoga and Museum Aerobics: Melbourne's New Fitness Trends

“Guided by an instructor, 20 invited guests made all the right moves while sipping gluten-friendly Omission pale ale.”

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May 04, 2017

Bon Appetit: This Gluten-Free, Low-Carb Beer Actually Tastes Good

“A low-carb, gluten-free beer has no business tasting as good as this one does. In terms of light beers, it’s a true hero.”

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April 12, 2017

Brewbound: Omission Brewing Co. Launches 99 Calorie Craft Beer

“A mere 99 calories and 5 carbs per 12-ounce beer, Omission Ultimate Light is the perfect choice for beer drinkers who are looking for a lighter option but still want to enjoy the full flavor of a delicious craft beer.”

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